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Further to the survey earlier in the year Cheshire West & Cheshire have announced the start of the contentious new bin collections.  

  • As a result of the changes, Cheshire West Recycling will be removing three domestic rounds from its existing schedule.
  • Some 60 per cent of all properties will receive a new collection day or week rotation. These will cover bin collection rounds in all areas of the borough. It is anticipated that these service changes will start from 11 October 2021.
  • On Monday 30 August Cheshire Waste Recycling will start to attach ‘bin tags’ to all residents’ waste containers in the borough. The bin tags will raise awareness and alert residents of the borough to the changes and the fact that they will be receiving a new bin collection day calendar. These will be placed on all domestic bins during one collection cycle. The tags will include the message: “We’re making some day changes, look out for your new collection calendar”.
  • Delivery of the tags and letters will be delivered to residents between Monday 30 August and Friday 10 September. Householders with a bag collection will receive the information by letter. The changes will also be communicated through the Council’s website and social media channels. Closer to the time of the service change, residents will then be sent a new printed bin collection calendar advising them of the changes to their collection day, along with extra information about the annual suspension of the garden waste collection service and collection arrangements during the festive period.
  • It is anticipated that delivery of the calendars to households will start from Monday, 20 September 2021.


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