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Neighbourhood Watch October Our News Newsletter Is Here

This month we are thrilled to launch, for the third year running, the Neighbour of the Year Award, in partnership with our friends at Co-op Insurance; and Neighbourhood Watch Network's first ever Community Grants Fund.  

We get to know our CEO, John Hayward-Cripps better in our Spotlight feature; and look at County Lines and what we can do about them. Furthermore we offer guidance and advice on supporting communities, and sustaining your Neighbourhood Watch group, as we face a rise in Covid-19 cases across England and Wales.

So grab your tea, put your feet up and enjoy our newsletter. Don't forget to share it with your community.

Keep safe,

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Deborah Waller (NWN, Senior Digital and Communications Manager, England and Wales)

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Cheshire Constabulary
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New Approach To Community Policing - Kingsley and Gowy

Cheshire Police has today launched its new approach to community policing, which will see dedicated police officers assigned to each of the county’s 122 policing areas to tackle crime and support communities.

The initiative has been developed by Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) David Keane who is striving for Cheshire to be the leading police service for delivering community policing.

It builds on the already successfully delivered initiative to provide a dedicated PCSO and police community base for each area.

The new community police officers will work with their fellow PCSO, the wider policing team, and key partners to build relationships within the community, sharing the same mission to solve problems at their root-cause before they become more serious.

They will spend more time in the heart of their dedicated communities and be given time to deal with issues that matter most to local residents.

Another benefit of the changes is local residents will have more opportunities than ever before to directly contact their officers - either online, through social media, or face-to-face during police surgeries.
The work of the new community policing teams will be supported by a funding package for each community, made available from money seized from criminals under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002.

This will consist of a £1,000 funding pot for all 122 communities and an additional £10,000 for all eight policing units that local people can bid for to deliver projects which work with the local policing team and key partners to address specific issues.

This now means that you have:

- A local community police base
- A dedicated PCSO
- A dedicated PC
- Regular community policing surgeries
- Funding for your local community

Details of your local police officer, PCSO and community base can be found below:

PC Dan Malone
PCSO Deborah Netherton

Norley Village Hall, High Street, Norley, WA6 8JS

Message Sent By
Peter Caldwell (Police, Digital Media Manager, Corporate Communications)

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Cheshire Constabulary
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Smishing Bank Account Fraud

Good Morning,

We have had several reports of bank account ‘smishing’ fraud attempts.

Victim has received a text message that appears to be from their own bank, asking to verify a transaction by texting back yes or no.

The victim then receives a telephone call and is told they must move money to a safe account.

This is a scam!

If you do receive a text or call from a person claiming to be from your bank then please do not give any personal information.

Hang up, leave the line for a few minutes or use a different phone and always use the telephone number from the back of your card or bank statement.

For more information visit-

Please share this message with family and friends.

Kind regards,

PCSO Beth George

Message Sent By
Beth George (Police, Great Boughton PCSO, Chester LPU)

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Cheshire Constabulary
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Warning Following Resurgence of Scam Phone Calls Purporting To Be from Microsoft

Detectives are urging people to stay vigilant following several reports of scam phone calls purporting to be from Microsoft.

In Cheshire there have been several reports of residents receiving phone calls from fraudsters posing as workers from Microsoft.

The scammers claim to be computer security engineers and tell victims that their computers are at a security risk.

They then say that a security check needs to be performed and if the victim agrees, the scammers can then gain remote access to the computer.

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Cheshire Constabulary
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Detectives Issue Warning Following Recent Spate In Telephone Scams Across Cheshire

Detectives are issuing an urgent warning to the public after a recent spate in telephone scams which have left Cheshire victims without thousands of pounds.
Officers are continuing to see cases of courier fraud, this scam is mainly committed by organised crime groups (OCGs).
A member of the OCG, known as the ‘victim communicator', makes a phone call to vulnerable victims telling them that they are a police officer or work at a bank.
They persuade the victim to co-operate with an ‘operation’ designed to gather evidence or identify offenders responsible for fictional offences.
The victims are asked to withdraw money from their bank, purchase an expensive item and/or provide their bank details or card to assist with the operation.
Money, items or documents are then handed over to the ‘courier’, who attends the address of the victim or meets them nearby, on the promise that the money or item will be returned or compensation provided.
Cheshire Constabulary are now urging others to be aware of these scams and alert vulnerable neighbours or family.
Detective Sergeant Chris Jacques from Cheshire Constabulary’s Economic Crime Unit said: “These fraudsters are extremely convincing and can be very persistent especially when targeting vulnerable victims.
“Police officers, banks and other such services will never ask you to withdraw money or provide card details so please do not be taken in by these scams.
“It is important to remember that telephone numbers can be easily spoofed and you should never trust a number displayed on your telephone.
“They may also attempt to ask victims to call back on 999, 101 or 161 to verify that they are genuine but this is part of the scam and they keep the line open so that the victim continues speak with the scammers believing that they are genuine officials.
“Anyone who is receiving calls asking for money to be withdrawn and handed over to a courier should call 101 or report it to Action Fraud.”
Police and Crime Commissioner David Keane said: “It is quite concerning that there have been more cases of fraud across Cheshire.
“Fraudsters will stop at nothing for their own criminal gain and I know that the force will continue to crackdown on the mindless scammers and do everything in their power to bring them to justice.
“I am urging residents to continue to inform family and friends about these callous scams to ensure that no-one else falls victim.”
Anyone who believes they have been contacted fraudulently or have been a victim of fraud should call Cheshire Police on 101 and Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040.

Message Sent By
Peter Caldwell (Police, Digital Media Manager, Corporate Communications)


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